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      Jerome Cox Co Founder & Creator of the Television Series: White Noise Paranormal

    Jerome co founded White Noise Paranormal in 2009 with Raven Corvus as a means to explore paranormal occurences but retired from the team in 2014 to manage his production company (Duckfacers Productions) which is now responsible for the production of the show (White Noise Paranormal). His interest in the paranormal sparked at an early age after experiencing a strange phenomenon in his childhood home. " When we first formed White Noise Paranormal we had no interest in filming but eventually I purchased an infared camera for capturing evidence and the show just kind of fell together. "

      Raven Corvus Co Founder

    Raven co founded White Noise Paranormal with Jerome Cox in 2009. " I started my love for ghosts after watching the movie Ghost Story based on a novel by Peter Straub. After my father's suicide is when I really became serious about the field. "

    Raven has a degree in paralegal and is working on her bachelors degree in psychology and in the future plans to work on her masters degree in forensive psychology.

      Bert Coates Investigation Supervisor

    Bert founded Northwest Paranormal Investigation Agency (NWPIA) in 2004 and has been very helpful to White Noise Paranormal as an on-and-off-again investigator and makes sporadic appearances thru-out the first season. Bert replaced Luke Busselle as the acting investigation supervisor after Luke retired from White Noise but is now temporarily on hiatus to film for his new spin-off television series (Locked Into Darkness) which is set to premiere on ADEYS TV.

      Luke Busselle Former Investigation Supervisor

    Now Retired from White Noise Paranormal, Luke was the acting investigation supervisor from 2012 to 2014. He can be seen in Season 1, episodes 1-7.

      Erik Vereb Former Investigator

    Erik retired from White Noise Paranormal in 2014 but makes frequent appearances in civil war reenactments around Washington State. He also appears in the episode titled: Monroe Museum Investigation.

      Danielle Hidecker Investigator

    Danielle doubles as a paranormal investigator for White Noise and as a crew member for Duckfacers Productions. Her roles often vary from job to job and aside from White Noise, she has proven to be a crucial element in the production process.

      Anna Woolley Investigator

    Anna studied criminal justice law enforcement and currently owns and operates a Massage/Physical Therapy practice in Washington State. Aside from being a paranormal investigator, She also works part time as a photographer for her husbands band and trains in martial arts. " My passion is seeking the truth of paranormal phenomena. Ever since I've had my own personal experiences, the unknown haunts my own spirit and I need answers. "

      Alex Connors Investigator

    Alex multitasks as a paranormal investigator and a camera operator for White Noise Paranormal and Duckfacers Productions, having joined the team shortly after Luke Busselle in 2012. " I started my interest in the field after experiencing many strange occurnces in my home in 2003. After high school, I decided to join a paranormal team which lead me to find White Noise Paranormal. "

      Andrea Capiola Investigator

    Andrea is a professional death investigator and anthropologist. She has professionally been investigating the dead for over 10 years and has witnessed and participated in several death and burial rituals. Andrea's fascination with the paranormal and death began at an early age. As a young adult, Andrea witnessed several odd disturbances in her home which were unexplainable. Thus began Andrea's journey into death investigation and now paranormal investigations. Having always believed in the paranormal, Andrea joined White Noise to seek out evidence confirming the existence or nonexistence of paranormal activity.

      John Gaythorpe Investigator

    As an avid reader John has studied most of the early paranormal literature, from early hauntings, mediumship and on to the practice of spiritualism. He is an avid photographer and technologist using where possible the latest equipment to examine evidence. In his day job John has been an IT professional for nearly forty years driving technology adoption for large corporations and institutions.

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    Not all paranormal research organizations are the same. Infact, many research organizations don't share the scientific ideal. Substituting the truth without scientific data can be dangerous. " You can't help those to understand that which you don't understand. "

    The truth is that paranormal researchers have barely begun to scratch the surface, so with a complete lack of scientific data to support a theory, the existence of ghosts is nothing more than a hypothesis and has yet to be proven. The day science can prove the existence of and explain the origin and cause of ghosts is the day ghosts cease to be paranormal.

    White Noise Paranormal is a long standing group of dedicated individuals working together by means of science to hypothesize the origin and cause of paranormal phenomena in an effort to create a scientific-theory that will better help us to understand, discount or prove the existence of ghosts.